prepare school winter

Top tips to prepare your school for winter!

Prepare your heating

Don’t wait for your boiler to break down in January, make sure you make an appointment with your service provider and schedule an annual service.  A broken heater could potentially shut your school down for a week, the heating company will look over the entire heating system, change any filters and make sure that it is ready to handle the coming cold.

Update your school contact list

Chances are that at some point during the winter you are going to need to alert parents and staff to a school opening delay or closing. Update the contacts within your school notification system, adding all new student’s information and taking out those who have left or no longer with the school. This will make sending an alert via voice or text message to the student body even faster.

Make and check your contingency plans

Snow does not only fall at night, make sure you have a plan in place for getting the kids home early if a winter storm during the day is creating unsafe driving conditions.

Having a plan in place is great, however, you need to make sure it actually works too.  Test the system regularly.

Remove outside hazards

Winter weather creates hazards outside that may not be obvious in the autumn and spring. Have the gutters around the school cleaned and maintained to avoid icicles building up here and dropping down. Trim trees that are near entrances and where students and staff may be standing. The weight of snow and ice will lower the branches possibly right into a path of foot traffic.

School bus

If you have a school bus, it’s important that your driver(s) are trained in driving in winter conditions, think about providing extra training on driving in winter weather.

It’s also important to ensure that your bus is serviced regularly and you ensure that oil, washer fluid etc is checked.

Prepare for winter play

As the temperature drops, a number of things can make playgrounds more dangerous for children.

Muddy shoes can make corridors and doorways slippery, creating the perfect environment for small children to fall over. Installing doormats at the entrances to your school will make it easier for young children to clean their shoes and reduce the risk of students being hurt.

Maintaining your playground is vital during the winter months. Many schools choose to keep children from going outside, but this isn’t necessarily in their best interests. Keeping on top of playground maintenance will ensure the safety of your school’s play areas and mean your pupils can go outside and get the exercise they need.

Whether grass, rubber or woodchip, it’s important to maintain your playground surfaces regularly, checking all areas are covered and any loose materials haven’t become compacted.


For more information on safety within your school, please contact our safety team who will be happy to help.

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