School Care Package

With an increasing pressure on schools, colleges and academies to manage budgets and facilities our Total Care Package allows us to manage compliance services on your behalf therefore allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Our Total Care Package allows you to select from our range of services and training and group these into an easy to manage bundle of products.

The services are delivered on an annual contract at dates and times convenient for you bringing you the benefits of:

  • High quality standards
  • Cost savings
  • Budget certainty
  • Reduction in paperwork and management as only dealing with one supplier
  • Flexibility of services

Our School Care Package services include:

The above services can be adapted and tailored to your specific requirements ensuring you have complete control over the management of your services and budgets, additional services such as continuity planning, leadership training and team building can also be added to your care package.

We pride ourselves on giving the education sector complete flexibility on the services they require therefore any of the above services can also be booked as a one-time purchase.

Contact our team to discuss our school care package or individual services in further detail.