ProFire gives its support to Student Fire Safety Week

We’re delighted to be supporting Student Fire Safety Week, as it takes place from the 25th-31st October.


With over 2.3 million students in the UK, student accommodation has been a growing sector for many years.  Home Office statistics show that of the 162 fires attended by fire and rescue services at student halls of residence in 2019/20, 66% were started by cooking appliances therefore highlighting the dangers of fire within student accommodation can help to save lives.


ProFire managing director, Will Fatherley, commented, ‘We are delighted to be able to give our support to Student Fire Safety Week, for private student accommodation providers or universities, fire safety provides a unique set of challenges.  Younger adults rightly want to enjoy their new-found independence and the university social life and the priority is therefore to allow them this right without putting them in harm’s way or restricting their freedom.


The impact of a fire in student accommodation both affects the landlord and student, even in the very best of cases, a fire or smoke still causes significant disruption and the safety of the students has to be paramount.


Landlords or property managers need to ensure they not only carry out a fire risk assessment but also provide advice and guidance to the students to ensure they are aware of all fire risks.


Throughout the week, we will be sharing advice, guidance and information for both landlords and students via our website and social media channels which we are confident will not only help keep people safe but also increase fire safety awareness.’

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