ProFire awarded ‘gold-standard’ BAFE certification for Fire Risk Assessments

ProFire’s capability received a huge tick in the box this week as we became a BAFE certified Fire Risk Assessment Provider, under the Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment scheme (SP205).

Following a successful application process and subsequent audit from SSAIB, ProFire have been awarded third party accreditation for their fire risk assessments to the BAFE SP-205 Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment Scheme. The scheme is the gold standard in the industry and is named on many large FRA tenders as a pre-requisite. Our journey has been considerable to get to this point, with the leadership team taking the decision to apply for BAFE certification midway through last year. Our operations team have been working around the clock since then to review the BAFE standard and incorporate it’s requirements into our internal processes and systems resulting in a recent successful audit by SSAIB.

The BAFE Scheme

BAFE is the independent registration body for Third Party Certificated fire safety organisations across the UK.

All BAFE registered organisations have been independently assessed to determine quality evidence of their competency to confidently deliver specific fire safety services.

BAFE develops schemes (based on defined quality standards and industry best practice) for fire safety organisations to achieve third-party certification. This provides independent evidence of their competency to offer specific fire safety works. BAFE has dedicated Scheme Technical Committees (Monitoring Groups) for each Scheme which meet regularly to ensure they continue to support quality standards which represent the highest levels of competency and best practice within the industry.

Organisation assessments are performed exclusively by UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies (licensed by BAFE) to confirm the “competence, impartiality and performance capability of these evaluators.” –

Organisations are only permitted to become BAFE registered and appear on the national BAFE Fire Safety Register whilst they hold the appropriate/valid third-party certification and continue to meet the criteria of the relevant BAFE Scheme (checked via regular assessments, usually performed on an annual basis). This establishes robust evidence of competency (for specific works/services) that demonstrates the provider’s commitment to quality.

As we are now a BAFE registered company, ProFire can now be found on the BAFE website for customers searching for certified companies.

ProFire’s process for Fire Risk Assessments

Our team undertake fire risk assessments for clients in many different sectors including schools, care homes, social housing providers, private landlords, commercial offices, hotels retail, leisure and construction sites.

Our Fire Risk Assessments are designed to meet all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and we also follow the 5 step risk assessment process as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and the Employers’ Guide Published by the Home Office. The format of our risk assessments satisfy the recommendations of the PAS 79:2020, the Publicly Available Specification as well as conforming to the requirements of the BAFE SP-205 scheme that we have been certified against.

The BAFE scheme requires ProFire to have the following enhanced process in place:

  • Rigorous initial selection of risk assessors and their qualifications and experience
  • Rigorous audit of every fire risk assessment by an experienced validator.
  • Issuing of Certificate of Conformity on all FRA’s to client

‘The commitment shown by the ProFire team to BAFE certification has been considerable and we have demonstrated that our fire safety team and our systems and processes are of the highest calibre. This milestone for the company will allow us to be recognised as providing best practice services in a fragmented market – customers will procure with confidence knowing that ProFire have passed the industry recognised BAFE standard.’ Will Fatherley, Founder of ProFire.

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