Hot Cutting Training

Designed to maintain the National Resilience capability for the United Kingdom Fire and Rescue Service, this course is suitable for those delegates who will undertake hot cutting operations as part of an Urban Search and Rescue Team.

2-day course

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    This course is suitable for those responsible for the instruction of the hot cutting equipment in an Urban Search and Rescue environment.

    Learning Outcomes:

    After successful completion of the course, the delegate should:

    • Be able to organise, set up and deliver an initial hot cutting operators course as per the training package on the National Resilience website
    • Be able to detail the sequence of activities that should be followed when hot cutting operations are being considered or undertaken
    • Be able to identify structural elements, loading and the potential for further collapse
    • Have the ability to demonstrate the correct sequence of cuts for:
    o Box section
    o Angle iron
    o Plunge cut
    o Nut & bolt removal
    o Front hinge
    o Inner web hinge
    o Window cut
    o Sit cut
    o Demonstrate the fault finding and maintenance routine of the Petrogen cutting equipment
    o Operate hot-cutting equipment within a simulated collapsed-structure environment.

    Assessment Design

    The course is assessed against the learning outcomes using observation throughout the duration of the course. All delegates will be expected to give instruction and a practical demonstration on how to carry out a given type of cut.

    Course Criteria, delegates must:

    Have completed a USAR hot cutting operators course and demonstrated competence over a period of at least 12 months in this area
    Have completed a USAR phase 2 course
    Have completed a USAR Safe Work at Height course
    Be fit and able to take an active part in the course
    Attend with USAR PPE that conforms to current standards
    Have received formal training in health & safety at work, in particular manual handling.


    Impeller has negotiated a preferential rate with the local Grand Hotel in Sunderland for all of our delegates.  The rate includes bed, breakfast and evening meal which can be added to your booking or paid for separately at the hotel.

    The hotel is a mere 6 miles from Impellers training centre and boasts fantastic facilities such as complimentary Wifi, gymnasium and swimming pool.