Firefighter for a Day Teambuilding

Unlock your team’s potential with our ultimate team building programme – improve decision making, communication and trust within your team.

1-day course

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    Whether you are looking for particular leadership qualities in members of staff, improve decision making or simply want them to have a great day out we can tailor our teambuilding course to your requirements. A typical schedule includes:

    • A team of between 8-12 will be split into the Red & Blue Watch to compete against each other during a series of mental and physical challenges.

    • The focus for all activities is applying the fire service system to the team tasks and assessing how the team and individuals work and how well the task is completed – all assessed by our experienced firefighter instructors.

    Buffet lunch and refreshments are provided, all delegates who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance. 8-10 delegates are required per course.

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