Business Continuity Planning

Is your organisation prepared and protected for an emergency?
Our ISO 22301 qualified consultants can help you prepare and exercise a business continuity plan that is robust and fit the needs of your organisation.

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    How would your organisation cope with the loss of a building, services or staff?

    Planning for a disaster is not a popular thing to do, moreover, people prefer to think that the disaster will not befall them but considering the outcomes of a loss of a building or key services will highlight the need for a plan.

    Having an integrated business continuity plan in place will help you deal with the consequences of a disaster but will also help you review your current operations and protect them against the chances of having a disaster in the first place.

    What is business continuity planning?

    The creation of a strategy through the recognition of the threats and risks facing an organisation, with a view to ensuring that personnel and assets are protected and able to function in the event of a disaster.  No organisation can afford to operate without a fully documented and integrated business continuity plan.

    Whether it’s developing and implementing a full Business Continuity programme across the whole of your organisation aligned to ISO22301 or a related aspect of it, such as IT Disaster Recovery planning, Impeller works a varied group of clients from diverse sectors.

    What are the benefits?

    • It helps to protect your organisation and make it more resilience
    • It helps you evaluate the importance of certain activities in the wider context of your aims and objectives
    • It reduces your cost of insurance
    • it fosters better cross-functional working relationships

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