Breathing Apparatus Instructor Training

This Skills for Justice accredited course is designed to qualify the delegates, who are already breathing apparatus wearers to breathing apparatus instructor level. Both the practical and theoretical aspects of Breathing Apparatus (BA) will be covered.

5-day course

Upcoming Courses

4th – 8th March 2024



On completion of the training, delegates will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to plan and prepare BA exercises and be capable of delivering lectures on all aspects of Breathing Apparatus equipment and procedures.

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Course Objectives

On completion, the delegates will have developed a practical and theoretical understanding of:

  • Practical Sessions Theoretical Sessions
  • Observation Exercises Set Description
  • Syndicate Exercise – Obscured Vision BA Malfunctions and defects
  • Syndicate Exercise – Live Fire Conditions Exercise Planning
  • Instructional Technique Observers and Safety
  • Briefing and de-briefing Officers
  • Wearing ability Heat and Humidity
  • Monitoring BA Crews/crew safety Guideline procedures
  • Exercise planning and risk assessment Entry Control Procedures
  • Risk Assessment
  • Working in smoke and darkness
  • BA Procedures

Assessment Design

Assessment will take the form of both subjective and objective written examination, based upon course objectives. The course also incorporates practical assessments which will assess the delegate’s ability to prepare and deliver a presentation of 15 minutes duration on a Breathing Apparatus related subject. In addition, delegates will be assessed on their ability to create, plan and conduct safe and meaningful breathing apparatus exercises including live fire training sessions. Delegates will receive both theoretical and practical results, with these results being collated to provide an overall grade.

Course Criteria

The course is both theoretically and practically orientated, delegates must be capable of preparing and delivering lectures as well as practically demonstrating BA wearing competence.

Delegates attending the course should be physically fit. It is advisable that they should contact their doctor or occupational health department for a physical check-up, as this is a physically and mentally demanding course.


This course is a level 3 Skills For Justice Award accredited course.