Challenging the status quo through innovation
and technology in the fire safety world
Industry Leading Fire Fighter Training A new way to provide world class, value for money fire fighter training
courses accredited by Skills for Justice
Fire Safety Solutions for your organisation Harnessing the power of technology and professional
fire safety officers to protect your buildings
Workplace Training Specialists We offer a range of courses including fire safety, first aid
and mental health first aid to businesses across the UK
Safety Compliance for Education Affordable safety service package driving safety
and compliance for schools and academies
We Employ Fire Fighters We are actively seeking fire fighters to join our team FIND OUT MORE

Profire Safety & Training

Our Mission

To provide our established network of highly talented and educated fire fighters with great employment opportunities.

‘We employ fire fighters’

Our Vision

To grow ProFire into the most recognised and trusted name in the fire safety and training world.

Our Values


As a professional team carrying out safety critical work, excellence is built into the competence and character of all our employees and is a cornerstone of our approach.

Team First

Our business was born out of a painful experience; collectively the founding team all sacrificed to create ProFire and this legacy lives on in how we work together and focus on the outcome for the team, not the individual.


At work we act as a family of people, who look out for one another and compensate for one another’s strengths and weaknesses. We take culture and fit very seriously and have an active social calendar of events that helps create a strong team bond.


Challenging the status quo is part of the company’s DNA, in all that we do we encourage reaching for new ideas and new ways of doing things.