Fire Doors Checks and Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Door Checks and Fire Risk Assessments – are they the same thing?

For our fourth mini blog of the week to raise awareness of Fire Door Safety Week, we’re looking at fire door checks and fire risk assessments – are these the same thing?

In simple terms, no, a fire door inspection and a fire risk assessment are different.

What is a fire door inspection?

The company you have employed or your ‘competent person’ should conduct a thorough inspection of all of your fire doors.  This should include not just the condition of the doors but also the suitability, installation, configuration and compatibility of components. Incorrect hinges, door closers, glazed panels and even the wrong screws for example will greatly affect fire performance.

Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it a legal requirement to ensure that fire resisting doors and escape doors are correctly installed and adequately maintained in order for them to be fit for purpose.

The fire safety officers here at ProFire carry out up to 90 checks during the inspection, looking at hold-open devices, locks, latches, air transfer grilles, glazing, intumescent protection, handles and fixing methods. A full and comprehensive report would then be issued to our client with any non-compliances and necessary remedial work detailed. Fire doors should be inspected every 3-6 months to ensure they are the right specification and they are maintained.

What is a fire risk assessment?

An FRA is a careful look at your premises and the people who use them, from a fire prevention perspective.  It’s about understanding the potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement, if you are responsible for a building, for example an employer, owner or occupier of premises that aren’t a ‘single private dwelling’ (a private home), you need to make sure a suitably competent person completes a Fire Risk Assessment. It is your duty to identify fire risks and hazards in your premises and take appropriate action.

In addition, if five or more people work at your premises or your business has a licence under enactment in force, you’ll need a written fire risk assessment.

We recommend your fire risk assessment is carried out by a competent person every 3 years and reviewed annually. The assessment would also need to be carried out again if there were any structural changes/alterations to the building or the use of the building had changed.

The checking of fire doors may form part of your fire risk assessment for the building so this needs to be checked with the company you have employed to carry this out or the ‘competent person’ within your company.

Did you know?

If there’s a fire and you haven’t met your legal duties to keep people safe, you could be fined or receive a custodial sentence.

Here at ProFire Safety & Training, we carry out fire door inspections and fire risk assessments for businesses, public sector buildings, schools and care homes across the UK.

For more information on our fire door inspection services please contact us at – we’re here to help.


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