Notify Accident Management

ProFire are a business partner for Notify Technologies and have worked with them to adapt the software specifically to schools and academies looking for a solution to record accident data more efficiently. Once recorded, the data can be used to identify trends, share best practice and remove hazards from the school environment. 

Accident Management Software

Notify Accident Management software has been specifically adapted to work with schools and has a sophisticated reporting function, it works through smart phone or PC an allows data to be gathered at the right time and shared with the right people. It allows the following: 

  • Log accidents and near-miss reports in seconds
  • Investigate and manage incidents through to completion
  • Multi-site data to be visible across to right group of people  in real time
  • Provides HSE professionals information to make decisions on current risks
  • Allows better identification of route cause analysis of accidents, in order to share best practice across sites. 
  • Notify Technology Website

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