ProFire's Approach:

ProFire are safety professionals who specialise in keeping schools and academies safe across our region; our objective is to help keep your staff and pupils safe from harm and maintain compliance across your organisation. Based on our experience of working in and with schools our services are specifically tailored to the unique challenges that are faced in a school environment.

Our teams are experienced and equipped to deal with the whole range of safety issues that may present, we can therefore provide a one-stop shop of safety services. We can also tailor a solution to your specific needs and by working with ProFire you will get access to: 

  • Best Practice Experience of Managing School Safety
  • Cost Savings across your organisation
  • Budget Certainty
  • One Stop Shop Supplier
  • Opportunity to Benchmark against best in sector


ProFire’s comprehensive safety package covering compliance on all issues relating to health and safety within schools.


ProFire’s comprehensive package covering all aspects relating to fire safety within schools.


ProFire’s specialist suite of safety training courses covering all aspects likely to be required within schools.

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