DSE guidance for home workers

During the pandemic across the whole of the UK there have been millions of people working from home including many teachers and school staff. Finding a suitable work environment at home is not always easy but you should ensure that you consider your Display Screen Equipment (PC or laptop) is set up as optimally as you can.

Below are some top tips for using a computer when working from home:-

In order to achieve a good working posture you should:

  • Sit at a table rather than on the sofa or in bed.
  • Raise the screen to eye level, using a laptop raiser if required.
  • Attach a separate keyboard and mouse where possible.
  • Adopt a good sitting position in order to avoid straining wrists, arms, neck or back.
  • Sit directly in front of your screen (i.e. avoid twisting positions).
  • Avoid glare and reflected light.

Practical solutions suggested by the Health & Safety Executive include:

  • supporting cushions for lumbar support
  • a small box as a foot rest
  • a kitchen counter as a standing desk
  • books as a monitor raiser

Most importantly you should ensure you are taking regular breaks to stretch, stand up and change positions (at least 5 minutes every hour).

The HSE also provides the following downloadable DSE checklist to use in a home environment. As ever, you can contact the ProFire safety team for further advice and guidance.


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